Menstrual Hygiene Management

Insurgency in Northeast Nigeria has left over two million people displaced, one-fourth of whom are women and girls of childbearing age. Women in these situations are at higher risk of unwanted pregnancy, STIs and maternal mortality.

PMI is enforcing privacy and dignity during menstruation by ensuring uninterrupted access to menstrual hygiene materials through the distribution of Menstrual Cups; an innovative, durable and sustainable way of managing Menstruation. These cups are known to last for up to 8 years, saving these vulnerable young women and girls the cost of sanitary towels, and the dangers of using unhealthy alternatives to absorb menstruation.

We also provide all our recipients with trainings/instruction on the correct use, maintenance, and disposal of the menstrual cups. We are working with more than one million young women and girls living in IDP Camps and rural communities across Nigeria. We carry out these outreaches once every month, depending on the availability of our menstrual cups.